Admissions & Referrals

Patients are admitted to our hospitals directly from an acute care hospital or from home based on a physician or community-based health agency referral. In all instances, our Rehab Liaison reviews the information provided to us to determine if the patient meets our acute rehabilitation care criteria. The process includes a chart review, discussion with healthcare personnel, and a meeting with the patient and/or family to gather pertinent information, openly discuss concerns, and to answer any questions. The approval process typically takes only a few hours from the time of the request but may take longer if authorization from an insurance provider is delayed.


Rehabilitation is covered in full or part by most health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Our hospitals have contracts with most major insurance companies and are willing to negotiate with other companies as needed. For further information or to inquire about admission directly from the home or community, call the Admitting Office at (North of Boston 781-939-1875) or (West and/or South of Boston 781-348-2138)

When Patients Arrive: What to Expect

Soon after patient admission, the treatment team conducts an evaluation to help design an individualized treatment plan and to reach anticipated goals. The patient’s case manager works closely with the family, keeping everyone informed about the treatment plan. We believe it is important for the entire family to be active participants in the development of therapy goals.

Some important things for inpatients to bring from home, include:

  • Any advance directives
  • Insurance card
  • Medication lists
  • Loose fitting clothes suitable for exercise
  • A warm sweater/sweatshirt
  • Sneakers or flat supportive shoes
  • Dentures, glasses, and/or hearing aid if applicable
  • Electric razor
  • Bathing suit* (if prescribed Aquatic Therapy)
  • Personal toiletries
  • Favorite robe, slippers, and other comfort items from home

* Woburn Only

We encourage you to bring any medical or adaptive equipment previously used at home such as:

  • Splints/braces
  • Ambulatory aides (walker, cane, crutches)
  • Wheelchair
  • Long handled shoe horns
  • Reachers
  • Sock aides
  • Dentures 

Please leave valuables at home. Patients should also arrange any hairdressing or laundry services.

A Typical Day at Our Facility

Patients can expect to receive therapy three hours per day, five days per week,. Each day, patients will receive a therapy schedule that will also be posted near the nurse’s station. During rest time, patients can enjoy TV and phone in their rooms. Also, we offer hospital-wide wireless Internet at both hospital locations.  Among the day’s activities are regularly scheduled additional therapies, nursing check-ups, physician and case manager visits, patient and family education.