Growth and Development for Therapists

At HealthSouth, we believe that the success of our employees can only be strengthened by continuing to learn and grow in their field.   For this reason, HealthSouth places great emphasis on providing continuing education to our employees. 

Free continuing education courses

HealthSouth offers a full complement of clinical education programs including live courses and webinars to assist our clinicians in obtaining continuing education credits needed for re-licensure.  The best part is these courses are FREE to our employees.  There are several discipline-specific courses on topics recommended by the staff.  In addition, HealthSouth’s web-based education and online instruction modules provide numerous options for increasing your knowledge and competency. 

Tuition reimbursement

Aside from continuing education units, free to you as an employee, we also offer reimbursement opportunities for clinical-related courses. Reimbursement of tuition and mandatory fees is offered for full-time clinical employees participating in graduate and undergraduate level courses. The courses must specifically impact the employee's primary job function and be offered through a degree program with an accredited educational institution. Reimbursement of fees associated with specialty certification seminars or other related programs are also offered.

Clinical career ladder and professional leadership stipend

Continuing education and clinical expertise is recognized and financially rewarded through an innovative clinical ladder.  Additionally, innovative program leadership is rewarded through stipends for professional license fees, professional membership and clinical education. 

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HealthSouth is looking to hire the best and brightest therapists and we take your growth and development seriously!  If you’re interested in learning more about an exciting career with HealthSouth, we invite you to contact a recruiter near you or to browse job opportunities. 

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Employee Spotlight

"My tenure here at Healthsouth Corporate entails many relationships with the employee staff. And these are the most professional and personable people ever assembled. It’s amazing that coming to work each day is still exciting after so many years.”

Terrence Ham
Physical Plant Manager
HealthSouth Corporation