HealthSouth Patients Share Success Stories

Patient letter received by HealthSouth Scottsdale Rehabilitation Hospital

I’m excited to have this opportunity to share briefly my experiences as an inpatient and outpatient of HealthSouth Scottsdale. I’m a 77-year-old woman from Minnesota, a “Snowbird,” and this winter I found myself needing a total knee replacement. It seemed logical to me to try to have the procedure done here in “Sunny Arizona” rather than in “Freezing Cold Minnesota.”

After a few days in the hospital the decision was made for me to be sent to HealthSouth Scottsdale for extended therapy. I had no idea what rehabilitation facilities were all about, but shortly after arrival I felt very secure. Kindness, consideration and care were shown to me immediately by the staff. I had my challenges to meet every day, but the daily routines that were set up for me were regular and consistent.

The encouragement, patience and knowledge given me by the diligent PTs and OTs assigned to me and the “Total Interdisciplinary Team” that I witnessed working together made it so much easier for me to achieve my goals toward getting stronger and gaining mobility. I will always be in awe that such a marvelous facility as HealthSouth exists here in Scottsdale and feel truly blessed that I was able to experience both inpatient and outpatient care.

Sharon Pedercini
Plymouth, Minnesota

Patient letter received by HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio

Dear Richard,

Few people really touch our lives as you and your staff have done. You raised us high when we were in the “plough of despond.” Your nursing staff and techs cared for Rudie during the unlovely effects of stroke. Your PT/OT/SP staff brought him to life again. You don’t have a quitter on your team. I’ve had one billion doctors in my 67 years, but I haven’t ever seen the hands-on, feeling care plus extreme intelligence of a doctor like Dr. Onghai. He’s always available, listens and acts, and saved Rudie’s life. We are eternally grateful for your dreams and your persistence to make RIOSA what it is today.

Congratulations on a well-trained staff and culture.

Shannon Timpte

Healthcare providers commend HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Huntington

My father was admitted to the Veterans Hospital with a fractured hip. After post-op he was transferred to your facility. As a healthcare professional myself, along with my two sisters who are nurses, I wanted to take the time to commend your staff that is caring for my father. We were very impressed with your facility. The compassionate and positive staff is making his stay a positive experience as well as contributing to his recovery. We all speak about our missions and visions, but when you see it, feel it and experience such a rewarding group of staff working patiently with our Veterans and elderly, then you know the mission is being lived.

All of the staff involved in my fathers care have provided ease, comfort, professionalism and attention to every little need. Being away from the comforts of home provides an anxious, frustrating time for these patients. A tech named Scott was assigned to my father and changed the perspective we had to HealthSouth. He was very patient, energetic, compassionate to not only my father but to families as well. We appreciate the trust my father has with him.

Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care my father is receiving (as well as our family).

Sincerely yours,
Patsy L. Gruenenfelder

Local Treasure at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of York

Since Nov. 30, 2009, I have been an outpatient at the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital on Normandie Drive. This is my second stint at the Center (the result of major back surgery on Nov. 5, 2009), the first one in May 2006, because of knee replacement surgery! In each case, the treatment, concern, compassion and expert rehabilitation techniques aided in my return to a normal and productive life, allowing me to work, take care of my home, and enjoy many activities, such as travel, walking, scenic drives, etc. The therapists continue to work with each patient in fulfilling the patient’s goals! Your Outpatient Rehab Department is surely a treasure here in York County not only for me but for all those who are fortunate enough to be clients.

All good wishes to you and continued success to the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center-York, its staff and clients!

Most sincerely,
Susan E. Gallion

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