Inpatient Services

For over 40 years, patients have benefited from highly specialized care provided through a diversity of inpatient specialty programs a our rehab hosptials. Our five inpatient locations in Braintree, Natick, Woburn, Danvers and Lowell feature:

  • Daily physician intervention
  • A minimum of 3 hours of therapy per day over 5 days each week
  • An interdisciplinary team approach involving Medicine, Rehab Nursing, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, creating a customized treatment plan

Why Choose Us?

The options for rehabilitation care can be confusing.  Braintree & New England Rehab Hospitals are rehabilitation Hospitals, which means we specialize in rehabilitation.  Much different from a skilled nursing facility or a long-term acute care hospital, which may offer a variety of services, we are dedicates solely to short-term rehabilitation, averaging over 5000 successful discharges annually.

Highly Respected Programs

We provide comprehensive rehabilitative inpatient care for individuals whose function has been impaired by injury or illness. We treat those who have experienced, for example, stroke, spine trauma, brain injury, amputation or living with Parkinson’s disease or cardiopulmonary disease. When a patient's functional decline co-exists with complex medical problems, we address those medical and functional needs simultaneously. This means that the patient can achieve optimal health and independence in preparing for a safe return home or to pursue further rehabilitative care.  And, we have the distinction of being included in the top 5 percent of rehabilitation hospitals nationwide recognized for patient satisfaction.

Multidisciplinary Care

Award-winning inpatient care begins with a thorough assessment to determine the individual’s needs and to identity the resources required to begin the rehabilitation process.Patients benefit from the combined skills of an assigned multidisciplinary rehabilitation team committed to helping each patient achieve optimal health and wellness.

Focus on Transition

Following evaluation, the team creates an individualized care plan to improve the patient’s quality of life in the most effective manner. We strive to make the patient as comfortable as possible and actively engage family members in the recovery process during hospitalization. We are proud of our patient discharge rateto home and for our success in providing comprehensive plans focused on the transitioning patients to more independent living.

A Higher Level of Care

We believe our multidisciplinary expertise leads to a faster recovery. Helping patients recover from an illness or injury requires implementing a disease specific care plan focused on an organized approach to the assessment and delivery of treatment options. A team of specialists comprised of many medical and therapeutic disciplines provide a higher level of care that is based on proven clinical practice guidelines and having the skills in place to make decisions by integrating the best available evidence combined with proven caregiver expertise.

Successful Recovery

Our inpatient programs look beyond hospitalization to further assist patients who need ongoing intensive therapy and medical management after a trauma or injury. A commitment to providing comprehensive, organized rehabilitation services through integrated care leads to the most successful recovery with greater functional improvement and a higher discharge rate back to the community.